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Facebook Ads Not Converting | 2 Key Facebook Ad Mistakes


If you are fairly new to this world of online business, you may be hesitant or confused about a lot of things. Let’s face it, there is a ton of stuff to learn in order to successfully market your business online.


Why Is Your Advertising Campaign Failing?

One of the most common sources of fear or confusion for new business owners is running successful social media advertising campaigns. You already know that social media is vital to any online business or really any business for that matter. If you aren’t using social media to advertise your business, you are missing an important platform for growth.


But what I find is that when business owners begin to run advertising campaigns, they tend to skip right over the 2 most important pieces of any campaign. Today, I am going to share those 2 key pieces of information with you so that your next campaign will be much more successful.


I have clients email me all the time asking why their campaigns aren’t working and as soon as I ask them about these 2 key ingredients, I have my answer. It is super simple but if you don’t know them, you can’t use them.


It took me some time to really understand how important they were and how to use them correctly when I first started so I hope I can save you some time and bump you along the learning curve a little bit.





#1 – What Is Your Compelling Offer?

I know this might sound too simple but believe me when I say that you can’t overlook this.

What is that thing that you are showing to the marketplace and saying, “Hey, I have this thing that you need.”?

It is critical that you know what you are offering and that it is irresistible.

You have to make your offer so compelling that your target audience can’t keep scrolling. They need to feel compelled to stop, look, and then click through.

They should feel as though they have no choice but to follow your call to action.

This compelling offer can be a coupon for your course, a BOGO, an added video bonus, or anything else that adds value to your product.

Make it pretty, make it irresistible, make it compelling, and don’t give up if it takes you a couple of tries to get it just right.

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#2 – Who Is Your Audience?

Again, I know this sounds too simple. Of course, you know who your audience is.

But do you?

You can have the most amazing offer that anyone has ever seen but if you aren’t showing it to the right audience, you won’t have a successful campaign. It’s that simple.

How do you find the right audience?

If you have worked with the same type of product before, you should have a good idea of the target audience but if you are brand new to online advertising campaigns, there are some steps you can take to narrow down the right audience.

First, check to see which audience has already been warmed up to your client/prospective client. There are tons of metrics to use to get a feel for who is interested in what your client has to offer or has offered in the past.

Facebook gives you tons of metrics for who has viewed previous ads and clicked through. If the client has a website, you can use their Google analytics to see who is reading their page.

You can also use the Facebook pixel on their website to target certain audiences on Facebook with ads.

Just a bit of research on your part will give you the information you need to know to target the right audience for the offer you are advertising.


Working with Clients and Prospective Clients

Let me share one more important thing with you before I go. Your client has to buy into what you are doing. Let me give you an example.

I am currently doing an advertising campaign for an orthodontist. Now, I have worked with many orthodontists so I know who the audience is for this campaign.

I also know which offers are going to work and which offers will not work.

If the orthodontist is willing to agree to the offer that I know without a doubt he/she should use, then we can work together.

But if the orthodontist says, “Well, Roxanne, I don’t know. I don’t think I feel comfortable extending that offer.”

I then say, “Okay, that’s fine. But I won’t be able to run your advertising campaign.”

See, I know the offer works because I have tested it out multiple times with other orthodontists so if this one doesn’t want to use it, I know their campaign won’t work.

And obviously, there isn’t just one offer I use for all orthodontists. I have many types of offers that can work but if someone isn’t willing to trust me on the offer, I know we won’t be able to work together on their campaign.

You need your client to buy into your knowledge. This establishes a level of trust between you and the client and makes for not only a better working relationship (and repeat clients) but also more successful campaigns.

And that is your goal. Successful advertising campaigns. Keep the offer and the audience top of mind in any campaign and you will see progress. The more you practice, the better you will get.

No matter where you plan to advertise, whether it be Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube, if you don’t have your offer and your audience nailed down before you begin, you might see a strong start but it will fizzle out quickly.

FB IG Blueprint - Pinterest size 

Follow the advice here and watch your campaigns be more successful than ever before and your clients continue to come back for more!




Roxanne Ray - Roxy Red

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About the Blogger

Roxanne Ray a.k.a. "Roxy"

I love marketing and all things social media. After starting and growing my Social Media Marketing Agency to over $20,000 in revenue per month, I became obessesed with helping other people escape their 9-5 jobs like I did and become a successful #CorporateEscapee.



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Facebook Ads Not Converting | 2 Key Facebook Ad Mistakes

If you are fairly new to this world of online business, you may be hesitant or confused about a lot of things. Let’s face it, there is a ton of stuff to learn in order to successfully market your business online.

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