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How to Get Your First Social Media Marketing (SMMA) Client with NO Experience


Are you struggling to find your first social media advertising client? It can sometimes be challenging to find that first client, so today I want to share with you exactly what I did to get over that hurdle and what I had to change in order to get there.

The Biggest Mistake I Made

Let’s just start by getting what I did wrong right out there in the open. It won’t help you if I don’t share the things I screwed up, along with the things I got right, so I want to be completely transparent with you about those mistakes.

My biggest mistake was perfectionism.

Everything had to fall into place without a hiccup in order for me to be happy and be able to move forward. I couldn’t accept anything less than perfect and that really held me back for a long time.

This need for everything to be perfect was accomplishing only one thing: it was making everything harder than it needed to be.

Once I made the decision to kick that perfectionism to the curb and keep walking, everything changed rather quickly.







Where to Look for Your First Client

If you aren’t familiar with Indeed, you need to go there right after you watch this video and check it out. Indeed is basically a website where companies can post jobs and you can search for jobs by location, type, etc.

So I went to Indeed and I did a local search for anyone in my area who needed a social media manager or assistant. And I actually found a local orthodontist that had posted an opening for one.

I was thrilled to find this because, as a general rule, orthodontists and dentists are on the easier side to serve as your first social media advertising client.


Stepping Outside the “Me, Hire Me!” Box

Now here’s the important part that I want you to pay close attention to…

I did not send this orthodontist an email saying something like, “I am a social media manager. I’d love to talk to you about this position.”

Listen to me, everybody who sees that job opening is going to send an email or make a phone call telling this orthodontist why they are the best person for the job. The emails coming in are all about the person applying. Why they are so great, why they would be perfect for the job, etc.

What you want to do differently is make it all about the client. You need to show that you care about them and that you can give value before you ever ask for anything in return.

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Providing Value for the Prospective Client

In order to stand out from the crowd, you need to provide that value in the very beginning. Let me share an easy way to give a ton of value before even asking for an interview.

Here is what I did for this orthodontist –

  • I made a video. I spent some time looking at his social media accounts and creating a video walk-through of each account. I shared my screen so that he could see exactly what I was talking about. And I did this video in one take! No redos, just shot from the hip – kicking that perfectionism to the side.
  • I made suggestions. For each of the accounts, I gave suggestions of things he could do to make it more appealing: how to beef up the Facebook profile, some ideas to make the Instagram account more cohesive, etc. Again, sharing my screen combined with showing myself talking gave it both a personal feel as well as showing him some specific things he could do right away to have a better social media presence.
  • I offered my services. At the end of the video, I shared that I had a business taking care of Facebook accounts for clients and I would love to do that for him. And I shared my contact information.

But wait…I didn’t stop there.


Show Them Why They Should Hire You

I really wanted to nail this client so I went even further and added more value by creating a landing page that listed the pros and cons of adding a staff member at $10 an hour vs. hiring a professional.

I showed him exactly why hiring a professional made sense. I laid out the facts on why an amateur who is brought in at barely above minimum wage has no desire or impetus to drive the needle for the business.

I added a synopsis of what I could do for him and again added my contact information. And I emailed all of this to the orthodontist.

Can you guess what happened next?


Signing on the Dotted Line

Yes, the doctor himself called me the very next day and asked me to come in as soon as possible so that we could talk.

When I went in, I gave my pitch, showed him the plan, and he signed up on the spot. I left that office with a paycheck.

And that is how I got my very first social media advertising client. And he happens to still be a client of mine to this day.

We are still using the offer I put together for him and still driving people to that offer. He still has new people walking through the door every week and becoming patients because of that offer and because of the advertising package I put together for him.

The cool thing is, because of how well this strategy worked with my first client, I decided to stay in this niche. All of my clients are orthodontists, dentists, and oral surgeons, with only a few exceptions.

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The Takeaway for You


What I want most is for you to get a taste of the freedom and joy that comes from owning and building your own business. I absolutely love what I do and I feel so thankful that I get to do this every single day.


It’s not just about business though; it’s about building a relationship with your clients and serving them.


II will be sharing more about that so I hope you will keep coming back for more! Be sure to comment below with any suggestions or success stories of your own.


How did you get your first client? Tell me in the comments.


Roxanne Ray - Roxy Red

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About the Blogger

Roxanne Ray a.k.a. "Roxy"

I love marketing and all things social media. After starting and growing my Social Media Marketing Agency to over $20,000 in revenue per month, I became obessesed with helping other people escape their 9-5 jobs like I did and become a successful #CorporateEscapee.



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