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How to Write a Powerful Blog Vision and Mission Statement (Plus 5 Free Examples)



Okay, let’s get real for a moment. You are probably thinking, “um, aren’t vision and mission statements for big corporations. I’m just a blogger or small business owner, why do I need this?”

But let me ask you:

Why you do what you do?  When you started blogging, did you have a clear path? Did you know who you were writing for? Or did you just start writing about anything and everything that interested you?


Roxanne Ray


If you are like most bloggers & businesses, you probably created your blog and started writing without really considering where you were going with your blog or where you wanted it to be in a year or two.

There are a few key reasons why you need to craft a powerful Vision and Mission Statement for your blog. By doing so, you will give clarity to your blogging journey, solidify why you are blogging in the first place, and help you make blogging a full-time income!

Vision & Mission statements are short, concise and inspiring, so they shouldn’t take you very long to craft. These statements are market focused – meaning they are written for your target market, reinforce the values you provide your readers and leave a memorable impression on them.

Ready to get started?

Download this cheatsheet I created with 5 examples of Mission Statements I created in 5 different niches and target markets. Then read on the learn the difference between a Vision and Mission Statement. 


Roxanne Ray- Examples of Blog Mission Statements based on Niche & Target Market


Download this cheatsheet containing 5 examples of Blog Mission statements to help you craft your own.

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What is a Blog Vision Statement?

A Blog’s Vision Statement is your North Star. It’s what drives you every day to keep blogging and building your business. It is the statement that defines what you want your Blog to become and the impact you want to have on your visitors/customers. Your Blog Vision Statement should also be inspirational and excite you!

More than likely you already have your vision statement and just don’t know it yet. Typically, your blog’s vision incorporates your personal values, beliefs, and passions. It’s the deep guttural reason why you picked your niche and target market for your blog and business. It’s been your guidepost from day one.

When I sat down to brainstorm my Blog Vision Statement, I first thought about my target audience and what value I want to provide them. I also remembered back to when I was choosing my niche. During that exercise, I spent some time figuring out my personal values, beliefs, and passions. I reviewed those items as I was brainstorming my North Star Vision Statement.

Here are drafts of my brainstorming session:

  • To help wannabe entrepreneurs break free of from their 9-5 and create a life they love.
  • To help entrepreneurs keep their sanity and focus on their area of expertise versus their brand and website.
  • To free entrepreneurs from the worry of their web presence and share their message with the world.

All of these drafts could have worked perfectly. However, the one I ended up sticking with is…


This statement best encompasses my personal values (enjoying life), my personal beliefs (we aren’t meant to work a soul-sucking 9-5), and my personal passion and target market (helping entrepreneurs).

Now let’s move onto to answer the question…


What is a Blog Mission Statement?

A Blog Mission Statement brings targeted focus and purpose to your Blog. Steven Covey once said, we should all start with the end in mind. So how do you apply that to your Blog?

By answering these questions:

What? What is the purpose of your blog within your chosen niche?

Who? Who is your blog’s target market?

How? How do you provide value to your target market?

Your Blog’s Mission Statement should be concise and to the point with a maximum of two sentences. You’ll notice my mission statement is a run-on sentence, but I’m okay with that! I never said my mission is to be a grammar expert! 😉

Formula for Crafting a Blog Mission Statement:

To (help, inspire, guide, teach, support, train, etc.) + (your target audience) + (what it is you want them to become or the expected outcome) + (how you plan to provide the value) = Your Blog’s Mission Statement.

My Personal Blog Mission Statement:To inspire and teach millennial women how to discover, develop & deploy kickass blog brands that grow their influence and their income, by providing superior guidance, support, and training.”

Purpose of your Blog Mission Statement

Your mission statement gives you a compass so you know what projects are worth while and what projects or requests to say no to. It defines what your blog does and why.

I encourage you to share your mission statement with your followers and people close to you. They will help you stay on target and will call you out when you are doing things that are not in line with your mission. Sounds silly, but this is very powerful. Your followers want you to be successful and to provide them the value you said you were going to give them!

How Vision & Mission Statements Are Different

The key differences between a vision statement (future state) and a mission statement (current state) is the vision statement is what you plan to accomplish, and the mission statement is how you plan to get there. If you remember this fundamental principle, you will be able to craft a powerful blog vision and mission statement. Just remember:

Your Blog Vision Statement (future state) = what you plan to accomplish

Your Blog Mission Statement (current state) = how you plan to get there





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Roxanne Ray- Examples of Blog Mission Statements based on Niche & Target Market


Download this cheatsheet containing 5 examples of Blog Mission statements to help you craft your own.

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