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Facebook Ads Not Converting | 2 Key Facebook Ad Mistakes

Welcome toRoxanne Ray's Blog If you are fairly new to this world of online business, you may be hesitant or confused about a lot of things. Let’s face it, there is a ton of stuff to learn in order to successfully market your business online.   Why Is Your...

An Honest Ebates Review – How to Make Money with Ebates

Welcome toRoxanne Ray's BlogThis post may contain affiliate links.    Remember when online shopping was risky and people thought it was just a fad? Yea..... me neither! Haha As soon as I learned I could purchase things online and have them shipped to my door – I...

How I got $25,000 FREE Money to Buy my First Home

Welcome toRoxanne Ray's BlogBuying your first home is like the hazing of adulthood. Seriously. If you have purchased a home, you know exactly what I mean. Finding a reputable real estate agent to help you “find” homes to look at is the easy part. It’s only after you...

An IBS Sufferer’s story of resilience and survival

Welcome toRoxanne Ray's Blog I’m going to be real and vulnerable with you. I have suffered from IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) for 23 years by my count. And this is an honest account of an IBS sufferers story. The story I’m about to share with you I have never shared...

How to Start a Money Making Blog in 5 Simple Steps

Welcome toRoxanne Ray's Blog This post may contain affiliate links.    I created this how to start a blog tutorial as the only guide you will need to quickly and easily start a blog. Blogging has changed my life. Before blogging, I had been wanting to start a...

3 FREE Tools to quickly Boost your Website Speed and Load Time

Welcome toRoxanne Ray's Blog This post may contain affiliate links.  Boy, was I excited after I did a soft launch of my website. I was nervous to share my recent post with my blogging Facebook Support Group but did anyways. Saturday morning, I woke up to a Facebook...


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Roxanne Ray a.k.a. "Roxy"

I love marketing and all things social media. After starting and growing my Social Media Marketing Agency to over $20,000 in revenue per month, I became obessesed with helping other people escape their 9-5 jobs like I did and become a successful #CorporateEscapee.

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I'm Roxanne Ray a.k.a Roxy, a Florida-girl obsessed with all things marketing who turned my enthusiasm for Social Media into a six-figure Marketing Agency with 4 dedicated employees. Now that my Agency runs well without my daily involvement, I teach the strategies and systems we use to entrepreneurs who want to take control of their own advertising.